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What's ? 

  • is a leading cloud-based development platform with over 220 million users worldwide. Wix provides the tools to create, manage and grow your business or web presence online. With a range of designed templates to choose from and features and functionalities to customize and promote your brand.


Why is it important to have a website for your business ?

  • A website makes your business look professional and reliable. You can create a modern look and be beautiful according to your requirements. In addition, having a website also increases the chances that your customers can reach your business even more and can visit your website all the time.


The steps of building a website with us

    1. Understanding business information and customer requirements

    2. Selecting the packages/add-on services 

    3. Gathering the information from the customer 

        For the text, it can be collected into a word file and can be sent via email. 

        For the gallery, an artwork file or a large file can be sent via google drive.

    4. A website design process by our professional

    5. A website design review by the team before deliver it to the customer

       We will have an internal audit about the design, the content details and act as the                 actual user in order to deliver the best work to the customer.

     6.A website revision

        After delivering the website, the customer has to review and inform us to make any              amendments in terms of the design, the content or the user experience. The number            of  the revision depends on the selected package and the length of timeline to amend

        it depending on the customer. The sooner we receive the customer’s  feedback, the              sooner we can amend your website. 

     7. Website completion and delivery to the customer


Website Design Timeline 

  • The timeline of the web designing and adding the information on the website will take approximately 5 days for Package A, 20 days for Package B and 30 days for Package C but the exact timeline will be confirmed upon receipt of the customer's contents.


After-sales services

  • We have after-sales services so the customer can consult with our professional team in case you need any further assistance or  have any questions. You can contact us via Line OA. In addition, we provide the online basic training which is included in the package. 

  • If there is a bug, error, distorted display or if you find any point where the work is not completed or where the website cannot work. You can contact us at any time for any corrections even if the website has been delivered.


Editing your site after the website has been delivered

  • You can add the additional information or edit by yourself because WIX is an easy-to-use platform which does not require any knowledge of writing code.



  • Payment will be made in 2 installments. 

    • 50% of the deposit is required upon the confirmation of the package and other add-on services. 

    • 50% of the balance payment is required upon the website has been delivered.


Is there any cost for the website in the next year ? 

  • Yes, there will be the cost renewal of the domain subscription, the premium plan subscription & the Ascend plan subscription if you upgrade the Ascend plan. 
    Note : we give the free domain for 1 year only. Renewing the domain the following year will be the regular price.

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